The Journey-Shield Vision Quest is a powerful and deep journey into the Self and the many life passages. Each of us walks a unique path in life, and when we feel called, it is important to bring our deepest question to Mother Earth and seek wisdom with Her.

This healing journey will bring deep understanding that reflect true meaning of each step of the life journey.

There are times in our lives when we feel called to quest – for the vision that can help us in our transformation or the deep healing that the heart requests.

And when we hear the call, we feel compelled to follow it…

Give yourself a great gift by embarking on this amazing and life-changing journey into the Self. The ceremony will take place in a beautiful forest in Vesthimmerland from the 24th of September  to the 1st of October 2022.

An overview of the journey looks like this:

September 24th:Arrival in the afternoon, setting up tents & introduction
September 25th:Personal preparation-day for the vision quest
September 26th – 30th:Guided visions-quest on individual spot in the forest
October 1st:Completion and departure

During the ceremony, you will stay at your assigned place in the forest. You will not leave your space until the ceremony is complete. During your stay, you will be guided through a powerful process of looking into your deepest questions to Life and potentially find you new messages and insights, that can help you clarify in which direction you want to continue your life walk. 

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Price: DKK 9.500,- (€ 1.280,-)

Note. Only a few spaces available