My name is Anders Thomasen.

I became certified as Council Guide by Ehama Institute in New Mexico, USA in 2005.

My background is an education as state-certified music teacher as well as 30 years of experience as taxi driver, folk high school teacher, evening school teacher, jazz musician, choir and orchestra leader, theater musician, adult day-school teacher and headmaster, student advisor and independent IT consultant.

I met the indigenous Native American wisdom in terms of  “The Delicate Lodge Teachings” in 2002. The teachings were brought to Denmark by WindEagle and RainbowHawk from Ehama Institute in New Mexico.  The experience motivated me to make the probably most important shift in my life, which took me on a journey along the “The Way of The Human”. And it became a journey into my Self – towards my Life Purpose.

2003 – 2005: Training to be Council Guide at Ehama Institute
2005-2007: Avanced training – “Black Lodge” – avanced self development and energywork at Ehama Institute
2007 – 2014: Intensive training with WhiteEagle, Dancehammers
2015 – : Intensiv training whith WindEagle, Ehama Institute

Currently: Certified Council Guide with autorization in conducting different traditional ceremonies like RainbowLodge, JourneyShield Quest, Kiva- and equinox-ceremonies as well as special designed workshops based on the old wisdom.


I can be contacted by email at
Phone Number in Denmark: (+45) 2122 0433