Chimah is the name of the first of the “4 Daughters of Beauty” – the Fire – coming from native languages of indigenous peoples of the North and Central Americas. The 4 Daughters of Beauty is a metaphor for the energy consciousness of the 4 Elements – fire, water, earth and air – in the ancient culture’s cosmology.

The fire was – and still is – a strong symbol among indigenous people, a symbol of the life giving force coming from the the sun and the stars. But the fire is also symbolizing the spirit light, that is the essence of all life. Without Sunlight – no life – and without Spirit – no life.

Chimah Consult’s mission is to help create / re-create life force where life force is needed – in the self, in relationships, in groups or in organizations – based on wisdom from the ancient Maya and pre-Maya cultures, passed down to our time through generations of wisdom-keepers.