What I can offer


  • As an introduction to the Medicine Way I can offer different types of ceremonies. It can be short introductions, one-time events with specific content or shorter or longer training journeys, depending on what’s needed. I call it ceremonies in stead of workshops. The reason is that I believe that to fully take in the information we need space and time to absorb and reflect – as well as a high level of awareness – all of which a ceremonial energy will support.
  • In addition to the above I offer individual coaching / supervision based on the wisdom and the personal tools that are part of the Delicate Lodge Teachings.

Personal guidance

The Delicate Lodge tradition offers a set of powerful personal tools that can transform your life completely if you wish.
These tools show the way to a life in harmony and balance with yourself and all your relations. Harmony and balance in this context is to be understood as attainment of a deep understanding of who you are, what your powers and talents are as well as a high level of understanding and appreciation of all aspects of yourself without judgment.

Through personal interviews based on “real life” I can guide you to use some of these tools in situations or territories of your life where you want change and / or personal growth and expansion.

I want to emphasize that I see personal growth as a step by step process where the outcome is based on how deep you want to work with yourself. My experience with my own work is that there are no shortcuts or quick “fixes”. Personal growth requires willingness to do the personal work, a job that nobody else can do than one self. So if you are not ready to challenge yourself and your boundaries the outcome will for you will not be worth the hassle and the money.

If desired, I can offer a free trial session.

RainbowLodge – a powerful healing ceremony


The Rainbow Lodge Ceremony is a deep healing ceremony. To enter the RainbowLodge is to return to the womb, we all come from – the womb of Mother Earth – to cleanse our Spirit, Body, Emotion and Heart and to reconnect in a deep way with the universal powers that support Life.
In the lodge we reawaken our relationship with Mother Earth, our true Mother, through a cleansing process that will release any blockages ( spiritual, physical , emotional and mental ) that might hinder us in unfolding our full potential in our daily lives.
The ceremony is a journey back to the starting point – and an opportunity to become new again.….

There is space for 8-10 people in the lodge.

The ceremony can be held every month in the period from March 22nd to November 21st . I will be happy to come to places, where there is space and opportunity to build a willow lodge in a private and enclosed environment. 

Journey Shield (Vision) Quest

Each human walks a unique trail in this lifetime and when we are called, it is important to bring our deepest heart question to the Mother Earth and to quest with Her. 
This healing journey quest is one that awakens a depth of understanding that mirrors true meaning in each step of this life walk. There are times in our lives when we are called to quest, to seek our vision, to assist us in our transformation, or to find the deep healing our hearts require. When we are called to quest, we feel compelled to come to the Mother Earth. 

The Medicine Wheel introduced


In most North American tribal cultures the medicine wheel is the basic symbol used to illustrate man’s “position” in the Universe, how we are connected with the world around us (both the visible and the invisible world) and the many laws that govern the universe.

The Medicine Wheel can be seen as a “map of the Universe” but also as a”model” of the human.

Medicine Wheels are “compass’es” with 8 directions, each representing different universal energies. These energies are working together in an infinite number of ways in creating the whole which among other things manifests itself as a human being, a family, a group of people, a community, a nation or a world.

The Medicine Wheel can show us the connections within ourselves as well as others and the world around us thus becoming a powerful tool to achieve a greater understanding of what it means to be human and how we can achieve balance within ourselves and with each other.

The ceremony will include an introduction to the Native American tradition, a little history, some basic concepts and protocols as well as a review of the Medicine Wheel, the energy of the 8 directions and how we can use it as a personal tool for achieving greater understanding of ourselves and others. Along the way there will be opportunities to experience what this is about through small exercises, dialogues, questions and such.

“20 Count” – the Building Blocks of the Universe


“20 count” – is the foundation of The Delicate Lodge teachings from which all other knowledge emanate. “The wheel” – or the glyph as it is also called – shows the 20 universal energies that the universe – as we know it – is built of seen from the human perspective.

Through the study of the 20 Count , we learn about the world and how we can understand it and deal with it – seen from a holistic and sprituelt perspective. We learn about the energies of the Universe and how we can relate to them for the common good.

20 Count is also the key to better understanding of what it means to be human. It is one of many doors that can open to a closer contact with the spiritual dimension of the Self and in life. 

20 Count is an immensely powerful tool that is guaranteed to change your world view – if you’re open to it and ready for it …

Wisdom Council

Wisdom Council is a very old tradition and is designed to illuminate a question or an issue openly and without reservation or hidden agendas from all known perspectives, thus giving the best possible foundation to act and make decisions without having overlooked something.
Wisdom Council is based on the belief that all humans have something unique to bring for the benefit of the whole and that all voices have equal weight and therefore should be heard. When you talk in the council you stand as a representative for the people and speak to the topic from a specific perspective.

A Wisdom Council seeks to look into causes and effects in relation to the question and offer recommendations to how the people may deal with it in a good way. All representatives (Chiefs) are expected to set aside any personal views during the council and only look into and advise from the perspective of “the good of all”.

In this ceremony we go through all the steps in the process from identification of needs and the drafting of questions to the actual council and final processing.
Concurrently we will perform a wisdom council based on a specific question in order to get an experience of how it works.